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Historian and Feminist Scholar Gerda Lerner
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NYonAir by: { Jose Tutiven }

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They might not understand.

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"don’t touch the bottom guiz pretend it’s hot lava"





In the books, Hermione’s boggart is failing her classes. Her greatest fear is failing her classes.

However, it goes a lot deeper than that. Subconsciously, I think she believes that if she does not do well and if she fails, they’ll kick her out of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World. So her real fear isn’t failing.

At Hogwarts, she has two wonderful friends who love her, and she is getting to live in an incredible world. She doesn’t want to lose that, and she thinks that if she does bad in her classes, they won’t let her come back.

Her real fear is rejection and loss.

so what if…

when in the philosophers stone her line “we could be killed, or worse.. expelled” wasn’t her being snooty or a teachers pet..

but her saying that she would rather die than stop going to hogwarts and never see her friends again?




Sup ladies.

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I thought some of you could use a little motivational birb.

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